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The Balagne

They say that the BALAGNE is "An island on the island" the old wheat granary of Corsica,arich region that the nature endowed all the diversities.
You will discover:

The Balagne

An island on the island

- Sea side
the mediterranean and its pleasures: the beaches ( great and beautiful), small coves sheltered from the tamarisk, a natural reserve ( scandola) witch can be visited by boat from Calvi,and all the sports of the sea.

- Earth
For the lovers of the mountains and its pleasures you will find:
hiking trails with the beautiful nature ( departure GR20 Calenzana 12.43 miles), villages witch kept  their authenticity,romantic chapels, and antic monasteries ( in car if you like)

- Terroir side

Welcome to paradise of taste and smell not hesitate to visit the olive groves or wine producing cellars ( vineyards LUMIO CALVI  ZILIA MURO)dont forget to look for the producers witch live and work in these villages.

- Cultural institution side

In Balagne everywhere are settled creative craftsmen ( pigna lumio muro);
there are many shows during the summer season ( open air theaters) as well as the festivals ( Jazz,poliphonies)
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