Hôtel Maison de maitre Palazzu Pigna

Hotel Palazzu Pigna, Charming guest house

The home, Palazzu Pigna, born in 1701 at the very beginning of the 18th century, has conserved its spaces, its stone staircase, its terracotta tiles, its wooden frame and its interior courtyard.
In all places, it offers a dominant view of the sea and the surrounding mountains.
An unforgettable panorama favorable to relaxation.

Hotel Palazzu Pigna, Charming guest house


In the XVII and XVIII centuries,FRANCESCHINI are among the main families of Balagne.Located in the village of Pigna their house built in 1701 is a symbol of past power.Their leadership  as landowners is between the late seventeenth and early nineteenth.The FRANCESCHINI " potente di roba e di persona" have political and economical power and moral authority.Their past power is essentialy from the earthwith,at the beginning of the centyry 150 ha of land.
The mains product of Balagne ( olive,citrus fruits,almonds,flours) are operated on their land.In addition,they have the means of processing of products harvested,a sign of wealth.The family also own two mills ( Pigna,Muro)and a beautiful garden(giardinu) witch was rewaeded Pepinière Royale in 1830 by the duke of ORLEAN.
From the second half of the 19th century,the family decline was accentuated by the industrial revolution.
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